Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I finally started a photo blog!

I am not exactly sure what to include in this blog. I think I am just going to start with some of my favorite pictures from my last trip to Swaziland... Eventually I'll figure out how to make this thing flow....

Here are some pictures of the Madudula site. (Madudula is a site that Swaziland Relief has been visiting for almost 4 years now. This is a test site that we are using as a model to move forward. Currently, we have been working on establishing a clinic, kitchen, community center,school, and water pump. It has been many years of trial, but we are finally starting to see progress.)
The picture above is one of my favorite pictures that I took this past trip. The low sun gave an awesome shadow effect.

In these pictures you can see the clinic building (top picture), the water pump house (left side in the bottom picture), and the school buildings (right side in the bottom picture).

This kid is about 3 years old... and can dance better than 95% of the people I've ever known.

It's had to imagine that all of the kids here are orphans.

I've been on 5 Safaris... Still not tired of it.

For those who do not know: This is termite mound... Well, sort of... Most termite mounds aren't smoothed over like this one is. This termite mound has been destroyed and abandoned, because a rhino had to scratch his butt and decided that the termite mound was at perfect height. (Imagine explaining that scenario to a home insurance agent.)

Now here is a story: Meet Tandzille (ahn-zel-ee). This little girl was extremely close to death last year... But thanks to some caring, and compassionate hands (and an amazing nursing team!), this child was given a second chance at life. This year she's alive and well... all of us couldn't be happier!